Saturday, August 30, 2008

Week one school problems

     So first off, this semester will probably suck for me. I have 18 credit hours, which combined with 40 hours of work and trying to find time to spend with the wifie and kiddies is going to be rough. I go to school Mondays after hanging out with the girls until 6:00 PM then it's off to  class. Thankfully my teacher isn't making us go on Wednesdays (writing day) so that makes the rest of the week way easier. Anyway so I get done with class then go to work from 10:30 until 7:00 AM. After that it's back to school until 2:15 (yay!). Then I go to work for a double shift so from 2:30 until 7:00 AM again. Then like I said no class Wed. Thursday I get off work and go to school again until 2:15. Then finally get some sleep. No class on Friday is glorious, but then it's back to work that night and off to school for my Sat. morning class, add in one online class and thats my load this semester; oh the joys of trying to be a responsible adult.

     Like I said I have an internet class and so it seems reasonable that I would need to have internet at home in order to maximize my educational experience. Well I have always just pirated a connection from one of the accounts in my Townhouse complex, but recently everybody has gotten sick of having slow unsecured networks and I can no longer do this. So I got my own connection and set it up and then got a router so I could go wireless with it. The first router I got was good, it worked well and was plenty fast except for one problem. I'm not sure if sharing a connection and splitting a bill is illegal or even unethical but I am doing it regardless. Well I needed the range to reach both ends of the row I live on and it was just shy of doing so, thus requiring a different more powerful router. This is where it gets super lame. Walmart which has always been great to go and exchange items at has apparently recently changed their exchange and return policy, no receipt no dice! and I had none, so I pitched a fit went over the heads of the service desk people and got a manager to let me do it. Well I got the most expensive one they had thinking that it must be the best one. It was not so, I had nothing but problems installing it. I then returned this one (kept the receipt) and got the third router, this one setup super easy but I kept getting hung up reception from my wireless, so it was out too.

     I am kind of a label whore; and when it comes to electronics if it glows with a little white piece of once bitten fruit on it then it is the product of choice for me. So I did what I wish I would have in the first place, I went and bought an Apple Airport Extreme (curtains part, angels blow trumpets, and rose petals fall from above) this is a wonderful product, and now I am all set for wireless bliss.

So after all of that I am finally done and ready for a crappy semester of school. I am pretty sure this will be the last kind of post like this cause it isn't a rant of the variety that I want to rant of.


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