Wednesday, September 24, 2008

crazy school year so far...

It has been a pretty crazy year so far, this semester seems to be almost too much for me. I have taken 5 classes before so thats nothing new, but the classes so far are kind of kicking my arse. It is a lot of reading and that is just time consuming, so between working at night then going to school whenever I can fit a class in it sucks.

on a different note, I play a lot of fantasy football, and pretty much my team blows this year. I have a ton of guys that were expected to be big this season but no, not mine. I drafted Braylon Edwards and he has sucked horribly. So have my qb and my wrs and rbs. I have been one of the top teams in my league over the last two years but I cant see myself duplicating the same results this year. 

My favorite football team is however doing well, the Atlanta Falcons are a surprising 2-1 which I will take. It will be considered a successful season if we get 6 wins maybe 5 and so the fact that we are nearly there already is a great sign.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

UVU football...

I was sitting in one of my classes the other day and overheard a group discussion (we have to do group projects in this class) talking about if UVU should have a football team. It was kind of humorous to listen to. There was basically one sensible person, two half sensible people, and two idiots, discussing it. The major issue they seemed to have is wether or not they would raise tuition to start a team, well that's just silly. How do they suppose that students could afford to pay for a team, not even yearly but forget about a stadium it will take private money, and no way they push the cost on to students. THey also said nobody would go o games because "everybody that likes football here goes to BYU games on Saturdays" !?!??!?!? are you serious?!?!?!? can't be, noway you are that stupid. Bottom line is if there were a team it would make money, not take it, and people will go, a lot of people here don't like going to BYU games wether its the crowd or the team they don't like it, and would in-fact be season ticket holders if they could go to a new team that they could follow from day 1. Football makes way more money than all of the other sports, and it would here too. I just wish that we had a chance to prove that. It would take a few years to get competitive but we would, and I think its necessary if we want to be taken serious as a division 1 school, but what do I know, I don't like football because I'm not a cougar fan.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Political push...

There is something that I have been wondering for quite a while now. It is actually something that irritates me a little bit. I wish that I could ask some 250 year old person if they remember a time in American history where both sides were so passionate about there candidate. If you ask pretty much anybody what they think about the upcoming presidential election you will likely get a very biased diatribe on both the strengths of their guy and how horrible the other dude is. That goes for Obomites that will go off on how McCain is the same as having 4 or 8 more years of Bush. Really that is what you are going with? Could McCain be any more of a different Republican than Bush? And please quit with all the garbage about McCain/Palin lies and changes of stance or any mention of hypocrisy, they are politicians thats what they do! Just please give me an example of one, 1, only one! Long time politician that didn't change views at some point and lets not leave out your man, Barack has done the same and Biden lets not go there. Those out there that love johnny boy are really no different either. They point out tons of issues with Obama and Biden they rip the lack of experience, meanwhile they want us to elect a 71 year old man that is one too salty baked potato away from not needing to be assassinated because he may die of a stroke, then we have a young woman at the helm that has being the Mayor of a 6,000 person town and being the governor of the least populated state in the union, I fail to see how running Alaska is comparable to running the most intricate nation on earth. 

     The thing is this: they both have plusses and minuses. You don't need me to say them it's not my place, and I hate having political views pushed on me so there is no way I am about to do it to somebody else. And that is what irritates me most about this election is that you can't go anywhere without hearing opinions about it, UVU is arguably the worst for it. I swear that students there just dis-like McCain because it is who BYU or their parents would vote for. So they love Obama which is fine, IF they know anything about his platform, stop acting like you are behind sombody if all you read is the cover of TIME magazine, do your homework then you can talk, that is all I have an issue with.