Monday, October 27, 2008

Church of Revolution

"As Christians We Are Sorry For Being Self-Righteous, Judgmental Bastards."
This is the mantra of Revolution Church, a religious group that was founded by Jay Bakker, son of the legendary Jim and Tina Faye Bakker. The church believes that the concept of love is being lost from the message of Christ. Podcasts and video can be seen on the web for weekly sermons given by Jay or a number of his associates.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I follow a blog called fatcyclist at strangely enough if you want to check it out. It was started as a blog about an overweight guy that was trying to use cycling both mountain biking and road cycling, to trim some fat. It was hilarious and somewhat inspiring to those of us that are in similar situations. Well along the way he got really popular and at the same time his life took a major hit, his wife was diagnosed with cancer. I am not sure of exactly what type of cancer she started with but now she has bone cancer, brain cancer, and it is really crushing her body. This is something that has caused quite a bit of emotion for me. I don't know the family at all, but it is strange the way that their struggles have touched me personally. Just this weekend Susan, the fatcyclist's wife (real name Elden Nelsen) couldn't breath and they were terribly worried about what looked like possibly the end of her life. I am a member of a religion and am somewhat knowledgeable about religion yet I don't really consider myself a religious person so when this happened and the family asked for thoughts and prayers it was strange for me to actually pray for them. I pray, for my family but rarely pray for people that are somewhat strangers so it felt good when things got right and Susan was feeling better. The bottom line is that cancer sucks, it took my grandfather after messing with the family first, by causing sever mental issues after a couple years of fighting. So win Susan!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So I was pretty much sick of the cold weather, I thought for sure that it was time for some cooler days, maybe a jacket or sweater could make its way into the clothing rotation, I love jackets. Jackets and sneakers are a giant weakness for me. I could have 9 blue jackets but if one catches my eye its over I must own.

So when I saw that it was going to cool down a little bit I was "A" ok with it, but then tragedy struck. For real did we need to drop 7000 degrees over night? It went from shorts and a T-shirt to parkas and gloves in like 13 minutes. It was like I was watching the office and it was nice outside then it got over and I was in Gnome Alaska, chillin with the Palins.

To make matters worse I was helping my brother-in-law roof his house and that was suck times seven. We pretty much had to hurry and get it done before the snow came in, and for the most part we succeeded but it was close. And not only was it close but it was frickin freezin. But oh well its doon his roof doesn't leak all is well, I just wish we could have had some fall weather inbetween summer and winter that would have been stellar.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Debates, Debates, Debates...

I am so sick of hearing everybodies opinion on the debates. I am sick of Palin and McCain acting like we went to dinner last night, I am sick of Obamas followers acting like U2 is on stage everytime he exhales. I am frankly even sick of the once hilarious SNL skits I think it will make people sick of the funniest woman ever (Tina Feye) . I mean really if someone hasn't decided yet how they are going to vote for, such as I haven't, then are these debates really going to change my mind or make it up for me. All it is now is the sides that have 0 chance of changing there mind telling the other side that their guy won and that he is the bestest person ever to be considered for president, that george washington could run with FDR as VP and they could never touch this ticket. Even my good friends are getting caught up in it now and it makes me irrate. The only thing worse is that if you ask ten people on a college campus about either candidate they wont be able to give you specifics but ask about Brittany, or Lindsay Lohan and they can tell you all about them, it's sad really can't we just have our beliefs and keep them to ourselves with out being either asses or dumbasses.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Can I just say how incredibly sick I am of this ludicrous brand. It is kind of like the song you hear at the first of the summer, that you're like this is kinda cool. Then 90 days and 4728 plays later you can't stand the song, thats how I feel about affliction. At first there were a couple decent shirts that I would wear (NEVER AT THAT PRICE) if somebody gave it to me. Now if somebody gave me a t-shirt from Affliction I would try to take it back to my local Nordstrom cause I hate them. I see people wearing them and I get a sudden urge to break people's clavicles. I think its probably a matter of a year or two at most before they are the local line at Target. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but come on its getting a bit thick. LL Cool J has a line that looks like Affliction rip offs at Sears, full shirt prints are everywhere now. I have a group of friends that own a motorcycle company, they build custom bikes for clients and it so happens that they are also making clothing. These friends also own a screenprinting  business and they can print their own designs. It has been interesting to see them argue over direction, one wants to go original and the other wants to copy Affliction. The name even is too close if you ask me but some of the designs really get close, so we'll see what happens I might have to ban them from my circle.