Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Debates, Debates, Debates...

I am so sick of hearing everybodies opinion on the debates. I am sick of Palin and McCain acting like we went to dinner last night, I am sick of Obamas followers acting like U2 is on stage everytime he exhales. I am frankly even sick of the once hilarious SNL skits I think it will make people sick of the funniest woman ever (Tina Feye) . I mean really if someone hasn't decided yet how they are going to vote for, such as I haven't, then are these debates really going to change my mind or make it up for me. All it is now is the sides that have 0 chance of changing there mind telling the other side that their guy won and that he is the bestest person ever to be considered for president, that george washington could run with FDR as VP and they could never touch this ticket. Even my good friends are getting caught up in it now and it makes me irrate. The only thing worse is that if you ask ten people on a college campus about either candidate they wont be able to give you specifics but ask about Brittany, or Lindsay Lohan and they can tell you all about them, it's sad really can't we just have our beliefs and keep them to ourselves with out being either asses or dumbasses.

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