Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Can I just say how incredibly sick I am of this ludicrous brand. It is kind of like the song you hear at the first of the summer, that you're like this is kinda cool. Then 90 days and 4728 plays later you can't stand the song, thats how I feel about affliction. At first there were a couple decent shirts that I would wear (NEVER AT THAT PRICE) if somebody gave it to me. Now if somebody gave me a t-shirt from Affliction I would try to take it back to my local Nordstrom cause I hate them. I see people wearing them and I get a sudden urge to break people's clavicles. I think its probably a matter of a year or two at most before they are the local line at Target. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but come on its getting a bit thick. LL Cool J has a line that looks like Affliction rip offs at Sears, full shirt prints are everywhere now. I have a group of friends that own a motorcycle company, they build custom bikes for clients and it so happens that they are also making clothing. These friends also own a screenprinting  business and they can print their own designs. It has been interesting to see them argue over direction, one wants to go original and the other wants to copy Affliction. The name even is too close if you ask me but some of the designs really get close, so we'll see what happens I might have to ban them from my circle.

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