Wednesday, September 24, 2008

crazy school year so far...

It has been a pretty crazy year so far, this semester seems to be almost too much for me. I have taken 5 classes before so thats nothing new, but the classes so far are kind of kicking my arse. It is a lot of reading and that is just time consuming, so between working at night then going to school whenever I can fit a class in it sucks.

on a different note, I play a lot of fantasy football, and pretty much my team blows this year. I have a ton of guys that were expected to be big this season but no, not mine. I drafted Braylon Edwards and he has sucked horribly. So have my qb and my wrs and rbs. I have been one of the top teams in my league over the last two years but I cant see myself duplicating the same results this year. 

My favorite football team is however doing well, the Atlanta Falcons are a surprising 2-1 which I will take. It will be considered a successful season if we get 6 wins maybe 5 and so the fact that we are nearly there already is a great sign.

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