Wednesday, September 17, 2008

UVU football...

I was sitting in one of my classes the other day and overheard a group discussion (we have to do group projects in this class) talking about if UVU should have a football team. It was kind of humorous to listen to. There was basically one sensible person, two half sensible people, and two idiots, discussing it. The major issue they seemed to have is wether or not they would raise tuition to start a team, well that's just silly. How do they suppose that students could afford to pay for a team, not even yearly but forget about a stadium it will take private money, and no way they push the cost on to students. THey also said nobody would go o games because "everybody that likes football here goes to BYU games on Saturdays" !?!??!?!? are you serious?!?!?!? can't be, noway you are that stupid. Bottom line is if there were a team it would make money, not take it, and people will go, a lot of people here don't like going to BYU games wether its the crowd or the team they don't like it, and would in-fact be season ticket holders if they could go to a new team that they could follow from day 1. Football makes way more money than all of the other sports, and it would here too. I just wish that we had a chance to prove that. It would take a few years to get competitive but we would, and I think its necessary if we want to be taken serious as a division 1 school, but what do I know, I don't like football because I'm not a cougar fan.

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