Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So I was pretty much sick of the cold weather, I thought for sure that it was time for some cooler days, maybe a jacket or sweater could make its way into the clothing rotation, I love jackets. Jackets and sneakers are a giant weakness for me. I could have 9 blue jackets but if one catches my eye its over I must own.

So when I saw that it was going to cool down a little bit I was "A" ok with it, but then tragedy struck. For real did we need to drop 7000 degrees over night? It went from shorts and a T-shirt to parkas and gloves in like 13 minutes. It was like I was watching the office and it was nice outside then it got over and I was in Gnome Alaska, chillin with the Palins.

To make matters worse I was helping my brother-in-law roof his house and that was suck times seven. We pretty much had to hurry and get it done before the snow came in, and for the most part we succeeded but it was close. And not only was it close but it was frickin freezin. But oh well its doon his roof doesn't leak all is well, I just wish we could have had some fall weather inbetween summer and winter that would have been stellar.

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