Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I follow a blog called fatcyclist at strangely enough if you want to check it out. It was started as a blog about an overweight guy that was trying to use cycling both mountain biking and road cycling, to trim some fat. It was hilarious and somewhat inspiring to those of us that are in similar situations. Well along the way he got really popular and at the same time his life took a major hit, his wife was diagnosed with cancer. I am not sure of exactly what type of cancer she started with but now she has bone cancer, brain cancer, and it is really crushing her body. This is something that has caused quite a bit of emotion for me. I don't know the family at all, but it is strange the way that their struggles have touched me personally. Just this weekend Susan, the fatcyclist's wife (real name Elden Nelsen) couldn't breath and they were terribly worried about what looked like possibly the end of her life. I am a member of a religion and am somewhat knowledgeable about religion yet I don't really consider myself a religious person so when this happened and the family asked for thoughts and prayers it was strange for me to actually pray for them. I pray, for my family but rarely pray for people that are somewhat strangers so it felt good when things got right and Susan was feeling better. The bottom line is that cancer sucks, it took my grandfather after messing with the family first, by causing sever mental issues after a couple years of fighting. So win Susan!!!!

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